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1. John Deere Dealer Recruitement Tool is a talent management system (“the System”) which is used for the purpose of recruitment within the John Deere Dealer Network ("Dealer"). The System is provided by Deere & Company and affiliates to the Dealers.


2. This Privacy Notice informs you how the personal data will be processed by Dealer. If you do not agree that your personal data is being processed in the manners described herein please do not enter any information in System, nor tick the "accept" button below.


3. In order to apply for a position or to register oneself as candidate for future positions you will be prompted to enter personal data. The Dealer processes personal data such as name, residential address, information about your current position, telephone number, E-Mail address, previous employments, education and information you published to support your application.


4. The System is hosted, supported and maintained on behalf of the Dealers by John Deere GmbH & Co (John Deere). Thus, information may be transmitted to or accessed in other countries with different, and perhaps less  protective data protection laws (including countries like the United States of America), although John Deere has taken steps  to ensure that personal data will be held securely and be protected.


5. The data saved within the profile will be stored and used for future recruiting purposes up to a maximum of six months as of the profile has been created, updated or the latest application has been made, unless we received consent for further storage.


Data entered in the System will be used to:


  • assess qualifications and personal experience to determine if you meet specific job requirements.
  • inform you about future job openings at the Dealer.
  • consider you for other positions that could be of interest to you.


6. You have a right to information about the use of your personal data. Upon request, you will be provided with complete information about the stored data, insofar as it concerns you. For this, an informal email to will be sufficient.

You may withdraw your consent to the use and storage of your email address at any time without having to give reasons. For this, an informal email to will be sufficient. You may also have your data corrected in the same way.

In the event of a withdrawal of consent, your personal contact data will be deleted from the database immediately. The withdrawal and the successful deletion of your personal participant data will be confirmed by email upon request. You also have the right to complain to the relevant Supervisory Authority. You have the right to request a machine readable copy of data in certain circumstances.


7. Declaration: I have read and agree to the contents of this Privacy Notice. [By entering my personal data into the System and clicking the "accept" button below, I accept that the Dealer is collecting, processing and disclosing my personal data in the manner described in this Privacy Notice.]